Maxx Tobacco Blend

A dark and spicy tobacco with subtle honey undertones.? Many customers have commented that this is reminiscent of the Marlboro Red brand of analogue cigarettes.

Available in 30ml and 60ml shortfill bottles.  All of our e-liquid is made using 70% VG (vegetable glycerine) and 30% PG (propylene glycol) – two of the main ingredients in all e-liquids.

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Flaver 'Maxx Tobacco Blend' Tobacco Flavour e-Liquid

Flaver e-liquids are  produced in Stoke-on-Trent, UK. Our e-liquid range is fast becoming one of the UK’s best selling vape juice brands because we do not compromise on quality. 

We have spent years learning our craft and are confident that our range of premium quality vaping liquids will satisfy the discerning tastes of vaping enthusiasts.

Additional Background Information

Aromatic blends
 get their distinct names and smells from what’s called “casing,” a syrup that includes said flavors and sugar. This syrup is added during processing. The tobacco soaks up the flavors and is then heated to remove excess moisture.

Non-aromatic means the tobacco doesn’t have any casing. Because non-aromatics tend to have a pretty strong taste, they’re toned down with complimentary aromatics.

Overview of Tobacco Flavours Profiles

  • Virginia: Naturally sweet and light, it burns quick and adds a nice flavor to your smoke.
  • Burley: Slow burner that has a nutty, relatively mild flavor.
  • Perique: A Louisiana-based leaf with spicy notes.
  • Bright: A North Carolina-based leaf with a mild flavor.
  • Latakia: Hefty, smoky flavor that adds punch and color to your blend.
  • Oriental: An overall category of Middle Eastern leaves (Latakia included) that produce a bold, spicy profile.

All our e-liquid contains 70% vegetable glycerine and 30% propylene glycol.  We have found that this is the optimal combination for great clouds and good wicking. During colder conditions, the viscosity of e-liquid can become thicker which can sometimes cause bad wicking.  If this happens, try to keep your e-liquid in a slightly warmer place as this will help retain a thinner viscosity.