Our exquisite range of vaping e-liquid is manufactured using specialist flavourings that are produced specifically for use in vape liquids. With a comprehensive range of flavours to choose from, we are able to bring new, exciting flavours to market ahead of most other e-liquid manufacturers.

The Flaver vape liquid range is available in 30ml and 60ml short-fill bottles. Shortfill bottles are filled 10ml less than the bottle capacity, allowing you to add a 10ml nic-shot if required (you can use our Nic-Shot Calculator to work out how much to add). Every short-fill comes with a FREE 10ml nicshot (20mg / 100% PG), so you can as much or as little nicotine as you like according to your personal preference. Adding a nicshot is incredibly easy too due to our specialist ‘flip-tip’ inserts that simple flip out of the bottle top and click back in again afterwards.

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